CentOS 7

VirtualBox : Install GuestAdditions
Install GuestAdditions into a Virtual Machine to improve Virtual Machine's System Performance.
The example below is to install GuestAdditions on a Virtual Machine "CentOS_7".
[1] Attach GuestAdditions' disk to the VM on VirtualBox Host.
[root@dlp ~]#
VBoxManage storageattach CentOS_7 \
--storagectl CentOS_7_SATA \
--port 0 \
--type dvddrive \
--medium /usr/share/virtualbox/VBoxGuestAdditions.iso
[2] Install GuestAdditions on the VM.
# install some packgaes

[root@guest ~]#
yum -y update kernel

[root@guest ~]#
[root@guest ~]#
yum -y install gcc make bzip2 kernel-devel
[root@guest ~]#
mount /dev/cdrom /mnt

[root@guest ~]#
cd /mnt

[root@guest mnt]#

[root@guest mnt]#
[3] After installing GuestAdditions, System Performance is improved.