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oVirt 4.1 : Add Target Node for Manage
Add Target Node for Management.
This example is based on the environment below.
                     | [ oVirt Management ] |
                                  +-----+     dlp.srv.world    |
+-----------------+               |     |                      |
|                 |     |     +----------------------+
| Client Computer |---------------+
|                 |               |     +----------------------+
+-----------------+               |     |    [ oVirt Node ]    |
                                  +-----+   node01.srv.world   |
                     |                      |

[1] Install Web browser and Spice extension on a Client which Desktop Environment is installed. However, if you will not to connect to the console of Virtual machine on oVirt Admin Portal, Spice extension is not necessary to install. It's possible to operate others with Firefox or Chrome on Windows Computer.
[root@client ~]#
yum -y install firefox spice-xpi
[2] Access to "https://(oVirt admin server's hostname or IP address)/" with Web browser and click [Administration Portal].
[3] Login with admin user which you set during oVirt admin Server Installation.
[4] Just logined. This is main site of oVirt Admin Portal.
[5] Add target node for management. Move to [Hosts] tab and click [New].
[6] Input the information of Node you'd like to add and click [OK].
[7] Configure [Power Management]. This function enables on specific hardwares made by HP or Dell. So if your Machine correspond, configure, or if not, Click [OK] to proceed without configuring it.
[8] After adding a Node, the entry of it is shown on the [Hosts] tab like follows. Just then, automatical installation and configuration from oVirt Control Server to Node is running on background, so wait for a few minutes untill it would be completed.
[9] After few minutes later, system infomation are displayed and Node is activated like follows. It's OK to add a Node.
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